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About Us

Welcome to the Buckeyecity community. Your presence here has contributed to our community and we thank you for joining us. Buckeyecity was launched to make classifieds selling and local auctioning more effective, easy and fun to do. We started out by serving Ohio users in small cities like Dayton, Springfield, and Zainsville and bigger cities like Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati. While some classfieds and auctions websites omit small cities and make selling quite boring and a hustle, we think differently. We widen the net a bit more. It's just not right to have to drive from one city to the next to buy an antique you like when someone in your county probably has exactly what you need. 

At Buckeyecity you can post your items either as a classfied or auction. Our site is wired with multiple unique features that will get your ads more attention so you can sell faster. In the near future we plan on adding LIVE market chatroom where you can actually buy or sell in real time. If you are looking to sell a car, an appliance, a cell phone, musical instrument or an apartment, this is the place for it. Buyers can offer to select cash as payment method and meet the seller to pick up purchased item or choose to have item shipped if 'shippable.' Online transactions are also allowed via Paypal. If you are more serious about selling here full-time, you can use our mini-store section to showcase what you have.

We do not police transactions between buyers and sellers. We only help bring both parties together. You are responsible for checking the ratings of sellers and taking all the necessary precautions when buying or selling here. Once again, thanks for visiting us. 

Our Team: 
Emmanuel Kesse : Manager & Developer